Who We Are...

At a Call to Arms we aim to be your sole provider of high quality firearms, ammunition, accessories and training services.  We are the premier firearms distributor/reseller in northern Connecticut dedicated to carrying high quality, unique items in our Enfield showroom.   


We stock a 'Made in America' section, dedicated to products made in the USA by our fellow countrymen.  If you don't see the product you are looking for give us a call or stop by and we will make every effort to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Don't forget to add your name to our newsletter/mailing list located on our home page.  As we continue to grow our business we will be creating a periodic newsletter to keep you informed of new products, sales, and additions to the services we offer.  You can also follow us on Facebook.


A Call to Arms will work hard to earn your trust and we look forward to being your firearms and ammunition provider.


- Tom

What's In Our Name...

The name of our store was inspired by the actions of a well known local historical figure.  According to the Enfield Historical Society, 'tradition has it that on Thursday, April 20, 1775 Reverend Elam Potter's regular Thursday sermon was interrupted by Private (later Captain) Thomas Abbey pounding on his drum as he marched around the meeting house.  War had broken out in Boston!  Seventy four volunteers led by Major Nathaniel Terry marched for Boston the next day.'


On a monument to Thomas Abbey, in front of the Enfield Congregational Church on Enfield Street you can find a portion of the inscription from THE SPIRIT OF 1775 as written by Benjamin Franklin Taylor, Enfield, CT April, 1875:


...The people gathered round amazed, The soldier bared his head and spoke, And every sentence burned and blazed, As trenchant as a sabre-stroke: "Tis time to pick the flint to-day, To sling the knapsack and away —

The Green of Lexington is red, With British Red-Coats, brothers' blood! In rightful catise the earliest dead
Ave always best beloved of God.  Mark time! Now let the march begin! All bound for Boston, fall right in!"

Then rub-a-dub the drum jarred on, The throbbing roll of battle beat! "Fall in, my men!" and one by one.
They rhymed the tune with heart and feet, And so they made a Sabbath march, To glory 'neath the elm-tree arch...'

What's New...

We are now open in our new showroom and under new management!



* Banner photo provided by Tony Bynum, Montana professional photographer & adventurer.

Store Location & Hours

660 Enfield Street
Enfield, CT 06082

Phone: (860) 265-7620


Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Friday:  10am-7pm

Saturday:  9am-5pm

Sunday:  Closed